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  • Specialized Educational Services for children and their families
  • Workshops and classes for parents/caregivers and teachers

Joanne Smyth is a Teacher OCT, Parent Educator and Developmental Movement Educator.

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Joanne Smyth’s program offers specialized research supported individualized educational programs to support children in their learning, parent education classes/workshops and workshops for teachers and educators.

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Welcome! All learners are capable and unique, and deserve a learning environment that is engaging, works with their natural strengths and builds their confidence.  I use a strength-based approach in my work children and their families. 

I am passionate about sharing resources that support healthy brain development in babies and children!

I continue to be amazed and inspired by positive shifts observed while implementing movement programs such as Educational Kinesthetics and Blomberg Rhythmic Movement Training.  They help calm the nervous system, support interoceptive awareness, self regulation, builds a strong foundation for brain and body and addresses the root causes of many difficulties and challenges.