Specialized Educational Support

All learners are capable and unique, and deserve a learning environment that is engaging, works with their natural strengths and builds their confidence. Research-based educational programs integrated with movement based learning modalities that enhance learning such as Bal-A-Vis-X® and Brain Gym® are what make this program unique and effective.
  • Supportive and specialized learning environment 
  • Strength-based approach
  • Educational kinesthetics and other movement-based modalities are an integral part of the program
  • Multi-sensory, research-based phonological reading programs
  • Structured Literacy approach to reading development
  • Math support
  • Comprehensive, multi-sensory, phonological, orthography based writing program that also addresses the important physical skills of writing through developmental movement
  • Cognitive development activities to support working memory, processing speed, organizational skills, auditory and visual processing and more!
  • Numeracy, literacy and life skills support
  •  Programming is individualized, incorporating learning dominance profiles to ensure success
  • A unique educational program that incorporates current research around brain development, neuroplasticity and best practice in education
  • All programming reflects the understanding that individuals with learning differences may require various educational strategies and modalities to allow them to reach their full potential
  • Resources and support provided to parents and caregivers to ensure the best learning outcome
  • Creative, nurturing and fun