Developmental Movement

I am passionate about supporting children in moving forward and reaching their full potential.   As a Developmental Movement Educator I look for the root causes of challenges, such as retained primitive reflexes and other important areas of development.  As an educator I do not diagnose individuals, but instead meet children where they are at in their development and work together with families/caregivers to strengthen those “physical skills of learning.” I continue to be amazed and inspired by changes that occur through these highly effective movement programs that help build a stronger foundation for the brain and body!

I incorporate movement programs such as Blomberg Rhythmic Movement Training and adapted Brain Gym® Building Blocks into sessions. I am a both a licensed Brain Gym® Consultant and a Blomberg Rhythmic Movement Training Consultant. I continue to take courses to gather new tools for my toolbox to share with others.

These program have been found to support:

  • concentration, focus and organizational skills
  • reading, writing, math abilities
  • memory
  • academic skills and cognitive integration
  • physical coordination and mobility
  • speech and language development
  • grapho-motor skills
  • auditory processing
  • visual tracking
  • eye hand coordination
  • stress and anxiety
  • confidence and self esteem
  • executive functioning and self regulation
  • positive family dynamics

Programs that I am trained in:

Neurodevelopment Movement Program-Level 1

Brain and Sensory Foundations-Level 1

Movement Exploration-Level 1