NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback


What is NeurOptimal®?

I am only offering NeurOptimal sessions to clients who are part of my educational program. I am not accepting new NeurOptimal clients at this time. To find a trainer/provider near you who offers rentals or office sessions please visit

Have you trained your brain today? Developed by Clinical Psychologists, NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback is a safe, non-invasive brain training system that does not force or push the brain in any way. NeurOptimal® is the only Dynamical neurofeedback brain training system in the world. NeurOptimal®’s advanced technology is mathematically designed to communicate with the Central Nervous System. NeurOptimal® acts like a mirror, letting your brain know what it has just done. The program supports your brain’s natural ability to learn, adapt and to self organize. It is a great tool to have as part of a wellness program as it is designed to promote a flexible-and-resilient mindset. NeurOptimal® is an effortless and relaxing brain training experience for everyone. Come and put your feet up, relax, and experience this wonderful brain training system!

What clients have to say about NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback

“I felt a great sense of calmness, more energy and a clearer head.”

“Each session I left feeling relaxed, peaceful and hopeful.”

“The difference NeurOptimal® has made in our lives is incredible, we are so grateful!”

“NeurOptimal has been a positive addition to his ongoing wellness.”

“He is definitely calm and happy after each session.”

“A boost in my confidence and outlook for the future.”

“A reassuring approach, a comfortable environment, and a wellness program that truly made a difference.

Your NeurOptimal® Session

Many clients report feeling relaxed, calm and recharged during and after their sessions. You can relax and close your eyes, or watch the beautiful visuals on the computer screen. Children can play games or draw while they brain train. You will be sitting in a comfortable chair and you can recline and put your feet up if you choose to. The training is effortless, just unwind and enjoy! 

Sensors will be gently placed onto your ears with a water soluble conductive paste. There will be two on your right ear and one sensor on your left ear. One sensor will be placed on each side of your head. These sensors will pick up the  electrical activity from your brain and send it to the computer system. NeurOptimalⓇ does not force or direct the brain in any way. It helps you get in harmony with your brain, with each progressive session your brain learns a little more about itself. 

 You will sit back and listen to relaxing music for 33 minutes using earbuds. You may notice interruptions in the music. These interruptions are the feedback for your brain, acting like a mirror and letting your brain know what it has just done. In fact, NeurOptimalⓇ measures your brain’s electrical activity 256 times per second. Now that’s a lot of training!