Joanne has modified her teaching program around our son’s developmental needs and learning style. She offers one-on-one attention and communicates openly with caregivers in the process.

I have noticed a huge difference in my 12 year old son’s ability to organize his thoughts and ideas since starting the movement activities with Joanne.

We have watched our children move from struggling, reluctant readers to ones who are confident and eager to continue learning.

My son has issues with eye movement and strength of his eyes which is hindering his reading ability. Joanne first suggested we try a developmental optometrist, and she was right! The exercises Joanne has implemented with him are fantastic and fun for him to do and he loves teaching us how to do them.

I just wanted to thank-you for all your time and guidance with my son. Your teaching strategies have really made learning a positive experience for him. He always comes away from you place with a positive attitude. You have a special talent with children and your abilities as a teacher are outstanding! I have learned so much from you and the resources you have given me. I would not hesitate to recommend your services to anybody.

Joanne’s professionalism and experience as an educator has been a wonderful gift for Emily and our family. Joanne has nurtured Emily’s confidence and enthusiasm for reading.

We heard about Joanne’s program and decided that it was worth the 45 minute drive each week. We love the idea of mixing the academic component with the movement component. We are seeing the benefits of this program and see a huge change in his academics and in his self-regulation skills.

Joanne has been working with my daughter Sarah since March of this year and although it has only been a few months I see a huge improvement in her concentration, enthusiasm and level of confidence.  Joanne’s program engages Sarah in ways that stimulate her both physically and mentally.  Sarah is always excited to visit Joanne and looks forward to their time together.  Both Sarah and I are benefitting from Joanne’s program.

Workshop Participant

Joanne’s seminars at my workplace. It was a wonderful combination of theory and practice. Joanne has a beautiful way of sharing information and her skills as an educator come through. As a Lunch and Learn I was very happy she incorporated movement and a chance to practice. I went on to use the Brain Gym she taught us when preparing to see challenging clients and found it helped focus my mind. It must have been useful to many of my co-workers because we found ourselves talking about the ideas and strategies in meetings and in the staff kitchen. I look forward to learning more about Brain Gym and using it in my practice

Joanne’s workshop was informative, engaging and an eye opener. It was clear she was very passionate about her topic. Her presentation had a right balance of information and research, personal examples, easy- to- do exercises and a few well planned PowerPoint slides. Joanne was very approachable when we had questions.

Private Brain Gym® Sessions

After my Brain Gym balances with Joanne I felt so energized. She had a wonderful way of making one feel comfortable and at ease. The exercises are fun and the insights incredible. “Balance” really is the perfect word – I finished feeling more balanced; energized, clear-headed and peaceful.

My Brain Gym work with Joanne has helped me both personally and professionally. Joanne creates a comfortable environment to learn the exercises that can easily be incorporated throughout one’s day. I now have new tools to help deal with stress and an easy way to keep my brain sharp and focused.

Seniors Brain Booster and Wellness program

Joanne is a perceptive and compassionate professional who takes the time to really know my mom and, from that, determine the specific combinations of mental and physical activities that will benefit her most. My mom loves Joanne’s visits and, during one session I attended, I was astonished at my mom’s hand-eye coordination and also to see my mom in such an uncommon state of focus and engagement. In the longer term, I’ve noticed marked improvements in my mom’s posture and flexibility since she started working with Joanne.

Joanne quickly established an excellent relationship with my mother and has been a positive, supportive and enthusiastic facilitator. I am impressed with how much my mother’s motor skills have improved since she began working with Joanne. In addition, my mother enjoys the interaction and greatly benefits from Joanne’s personalized sessions. Joanne is always aware of and advocating the latest information on ways to improve brain/motor function.